Thursday, April 03, 2008


 so I'm feeling rather... well, I don't know, kinda 'eh' today. I even took my temp to make sure I wasn't getting sick and its only 98.1.
around lunch I started vacuuming and couldn't finish, had to ask K to do that. I had a flash of nausea while sitting down. nothing big, just a 'huh, why do I feel like ick right now?' type thing and it did it again a few hours later. I had to lay down after putting G down for a nap cause I was SO tired all of a sudden.
the TMI has continued, though not as bad as this morning
lower back aches, a few cramps and contrax, but nothing to really write home about.
the only thing that worries me is that last time I didn't start hurting til I hit 7cm. what if that happens again. I'm sure I'm not dilating like that, but of course the thought is in my mind and freaks me out.
I ate breakfast this morning while we were in town (BEC biscuit) but not since. dh wants to go to captain ds for dinner, so I guess we'll do that, the thought of food though isn't really appealing right now though.

I'm sure I'm doing all this 'whining' for nothing but might as well write it all down JIC.

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