Tuesday, April 22, 2008


we have thrush! I've never, out of all my kiddos had thrush or any worse problems than a clogged duct or two and some cracked/bleeding nips. no mastitis or anything. this stuff is AWFUL!!! I'd not wish it on an enemy of mine. for those that have never had it, the only way I can describe it is it feels like a 2nd degree sunburn, just only on the nips and under the skin, then let someone come and suck on that skin!  its terrible!!!!!
called in the peds office and my OB today and drove to the peds office to get her looked at. so we both have meds now and hopefully (pray to God!) within a few days (or less???) things will be getting better.

she's doing great though! went ahead and had a weigh in and such and today she's up to 7.12 lbs (she was 7.1 1/2 lbs the day of discharge!) and she's now 21" long and head is 14" (see, I know they wrote down the wrong thing the day she was born). she still has a wee bit of jaundice, but it only goes down to about her lower shoulders, so we keep getting outside with her about 15 minutes a day for some sun and as long as her diapers are staying as they are, we'll be good to go in about a week most likely.
we'll still go in for her 2 wk checkup next week as well.

she wore her first dress today too! I think I got a pic... yep, this morning. will post that later with the others (again LOL)

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