Friday, April 04, 2008

up at midnight.

so the rest of the night was interesting. went for dinner, could barely eat (ordered a kids pasta and didn't even eat half of it). was having low back pains/cramps and contrax all within 2-7 minutes apart. not 'dang that hurts!' hard, but bad enough to know they were certainly there.
I finally asked dh about the time towards the end of the meal and he got *wha?!* on me. LOL! plus I was still just not feeling 'right'. on the way home he turned around to get more gas in the truck JIC.
called mom to let her know as well.
got home and settled in the couch, didn't feel like being OL or knitting or anything, just sitting. finally things settled down for me, but I got doggone tired again. then she started with the cervical pressure once more. OUCH! I swear she's dropped 2ft in there.
before bed a few contrax/cramps started back up, but nothing exciting. I mentioned to dh about possibly going in early to see the doc for a check so I know what exactly is going on in there since the weekend is here. I hate having the only choice of going to the ER if I'm thinking things are progressing. I want to know if all this is doing something and to be on my toes or if its nothing and to just veg for the weekend. :P

sent everyone to bed at 10 cause I was so tired myself, took a bit to get to sleep, then woke up about 10 minutes ago cause I was feeling nauseous and had to pee. LOL what a combo!
nausea has gone away. I think its just cause I had a bowl of cereal to close to bedtime. *sigh*
so I'm up sitting, hoping it'll help digest or something so I can go back to sleep!

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