Sunday, February 18, 2007

tonight Garrett was either way too tired or over excited and fell backwards from standing at least 5 times! I think he was trying to stand without holding on to what he was at and would lose his balance. some snuggles and a kiss for the boo-boo and he was better though.

we stayed home from church today. the roads were icy last night, much less this morning. after some lounging around, fixing breakfast (eggs, bacon, biscuits, milk gravy AND chocolate gravy), and a short nap for G and I about lunch time, we headed to walmart to get the rest of the groceries. came out spending $60 there, not bad, but we always spend more when dh is with us. LOL!

for dinner we just finished off the pizza from last night and had some sandwiches and raviolis. nothing like simple! we'll have chicken tomorrow.

I got some scrapping done tonight (pics in the creative blog). finally did our 2005 Christmas pages and a few more.

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Anonymous said...

I have made milk gravy and I have made tomato gravy but I am dying to know how to make chocolate gravy. I am intrigued!!