Friday, February 23, 2007

we had a good nights sleep last night. they get better and better. I've been working with little guy on his sleep through the night stuff again. he used to give me at least a couple nights of great sleep a week, but hasnt been doing that lately. he got used to thinking 'if he woke up, he'd get some boobie'  last week during that 'up til 4:30' thing was the cherry on top. ugh! so no more boobie for him during the night unless I think he actually needs it. since that terrible 4:30 night, (and including it), all I've been doing when he wakes up is to lay him down, paci him and blanket him. each nights been getting better. last night he was only up his usual 'I'm awake about an hour after you lay me down-though I dont know why' thing. this is an every night thing for the past month! he always goes right back to sleep after I lay him down, but sheesh, what's the deal? other than that, he slept all night til 7 this morning. so we both feel great! the past two nights or more were only up once (other than the thing I mentioned with him getting up an hour after bedtime). so things are getting much better.
I'll kinda miss those night feedings at times *sniff* but I'll make it.  we'll have our cuddle time in the mornings when he wakes up!

he's been working on his standing balance a lot lately. getting a bit more brave every day. course that's not always a good thing. yesterday he bonked his head on moms end table where he went down.

got to get in town early today. my sis is going to pick up K about 1 to take her with her and her youngest to a girl scout overnight thing.  K is super excited about it! if she likes it, I'm going to ask Lisa if she can take her any of the other times they go.

Canaan wants to stay home by himself today. I've not decided yet. probably will let him though. he wants to work on finishing his current math book and he cant concentrate when we're out and about on Fridays. it'll be a short day anyway.

ok, off to do something with my day!

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