Monday, February 12, 2007

funny stuff!

everyone is in bed, were actually in bed by 10:30, even Garrett with no fuss! so I'll head there myself soon. maybe I'll get some good rest tonight. last night wasn't bad, but I still need to make up for the night before.

got a couple of shops to do tomorrow morning. but I guess that's the biggest thing outside of here.

I have a funny of the kids from today:

we were at the table after lunch and Canaan was being a clown and trying to get me to laugh (yeah, it was working, but I was still getting aggravated cause he'd done been told to get back to his work), well, it all got fired up that K and Gavin would try to yank his shorts down (cause C had said they couldn't do it. ie: direct challenge LOL ) well, Gavin was right behind me, C was on the other side of me and K was on the far side of Canaan. Canaan in his 'just like daddy' frame of mind, moons Gavin and I!
Gavin lets out a high-pitched girlified scream and starts running off covering his eyes saying "THE HORROR!!! OH THE HORROR!!!" I was laughing so hard I was crying!!!! omgosh, that child is a riot!!
(and no, my kids don't go around mooning everyone or trying to yank on their shorts LOL )

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