Thursday, February 01, 2007

big boys!

took H and Garrett to a checkup yesterday. Hunter is 44.5 lbs and Garrett is 23.5 lbs Garrett's had a BIG jump from his 6 month check! (he was only 19 lbs then).

also, his 2nd tooth is through!  so 2 teeth for the G-man!
must be those pickles!  he is eating much more solids in an average day I think, not more than milk yet, but amping it up for sure. plus my kids are always built stocky, very solid.  no petite kids in this house!  he tried mac and cheese for the first time tonight (the real stuff, not that baby food stuff) and loved it! plus he helped me eat a peanut butter sandwich the other night (just small bites which he scarfed ).

he slept all night last night, which I'm so happy for. still surprised me though, but still he'd napped maybe 30 minutes the whole day.  so he needed to sleep all night! he's had one nap today, about an hour, so we'll see how he does tonight. he's just not a napper.

I'm boxing up a bunch of my maternity and NB baby stuff to send to one of my friends. she's due close to Garrett's edd, so the stuff will work great for her!  she's paying me for it too, and I'd probably not make that much on ebay for it (plus I just don't have the time or want to list the stuff!)

I also got my 2nd bite tonight while G was nursing and trying to chew his thumb at the same time. : goofy boy.

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