Tuesday, February 13, 2007

just sitting down this morning, of course now G is getting fussy. we'll be off in a bit when I get all my paperwork together for my shops and get dressed. its to be rainy, but fairly nice out today, so I may get the kids to play out in the carport cause tomorrow its going to be freezing again. :P

I'm hoping today we'll get to watch Cinderella 3. Katlyn watched it last night, but I've not gotten to yet and by george, I wanna see it! LOL!

24 and CSI were good last night. I feel sorry for Jack though, talk about a dysfunctional family! geez! and I'm glad Chavez got it on CSI. bad boy! tonight is NCIS.

while we're out and about I'm going to stop at a couple of consignment stores and see if I can find G some more 18m carters zip up sleepers. he's gotta have more cause I've only got 2 fleece zip up ones and 1 button up one. a couple pair of 2 pc jammies (I don't really like using those til they're older though) and everything else is 12m which is already 3/4 sleeves on Garrett. :P gotta find the kid some pjs!

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