Friday, February 16, 2007

on our way to being debt free, a wee bit more

gotta get an 8 month update gathered up!
Garrett is turning a corner in his development again. he's taking chances on free standing, not big ones, but like while he stands at my legs, he'll very briefly let go and just be standing on his own. he's also getting brave enough to go between cruising places. I think his first solo steps will be soon.
I was playing with him last night, standing him out in front of me to see what he'd so and he lunges for me. LOL! he'll soon start taking a step and then more, and it works on from there!
he's wide awake right now, standing at my legs, laughing and gabbing up a storm. everything is funny, I don't know if he's delirious or what! 
we had a good day, even with my huge list of things to do! the kids did great w/ the help of the portable DVD player!
my day went kinda like so:

pay online bills
breakfast for all
to FIL'S bank
to my bank
pay FIL's tags on truck
pay remainder of house ins
stop at post office for a shop
make truck pymt
-drive to the city-
stop at theatre to pick up poster for my mom (they'd not opened yet)
stop at Arbys to pick up sandwiches
go to tax office-get our refund & pay FIL's tax prep fee
deposit refund
to go TRU for diapers
stop back at theatre and get poster
-drive back to our town-
pay property taxes
go to grocery
back home finally!
get OL and pay off 2 bills WOO!

I've got 2 more bills to pay off, but will have to wait til Tues when they open (don't think they'll be open on Monday). we'll also get dh's boots and have some $ for our anniversary. :) so yeah, its all gone essentially, but its all good!
(G is now in his crib and is playing with the activity center. poor sissy. LOL!)

ok, he's back out here. this child is wide AWAKE.  guess its a good thing I've got a little bit of spark left in me. LOL!

while at TRU I did find a couple of good deals. they had some packs of tank onesies (sleeveless) in the 18-24m size for $5.50, plus I had a $1 coupon for them, so G will have those for the spring/summer. plus a cute dolphin sprayer that attaches to the side of the 'ring' pools, it was $2. figure it'll be fun for them this summer while they're splasin in the pool! plus I got the huge box of TRU dipes for $16 cause I had a $5 coupon on those (144 ct box). so he's set with diapers til the end of March I think! LOL

dinner was easy, dh wasn't that hungry, so it was just soup for tonight!

he's got a half day tomorrow (hopefully) and if he gets home around lunch, like he's hoping, we'll go ahead and do our day out tomorrow. if he gets in later then we'll just try another weekend. I'd like to have at least half a day to play around ya know? ;)
haven't decided where to go to eat yet. he's letting me pick this year cause he picked last year. I looooooooooooooooooooove Outback and could really go for one of their steaks, but I also wouldn't mind trying out one of the Japanese restaurants. we rarely do anything different like that (not that we don't like foreign foods, we do, its just the opportunity to go!). so I cant decide!

aw, G just laid down on the floor and is starting to snore. guess he's just having to wear himself out tonight. :P


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