Saturday, February 03, 2007

its the weekend

all kids are finally in bed, we're running behind with daddy out of town.  we rented some movies today for the weekend: Open Season (very good!), Crank (for DH) and One Night with the King (have yet to see it). also a couple of kids movies.
I'm hoping we'll be going to church tomorrow. we didn't go last week cause of my mom and the two oldest being out of town and the frigid temps we had. tomorrow its to be crazy cold too and a chance of flurries. guess it depends on the roads in the morning. they were just a smidge icy today when we went in town and going the other way to church is all backroads that only get 'plowed' by the cars traveling on them.

Garrett has a bad diaper rash. :( not sure what its from, maybe the Activia yogurt he's been taking the past week? it just flared up this morning, but his poor little bottom is so sore and red. diaper changes are not fun at all! he's still got a runny nose, but its not a yellow "cold" type runny nose, plus no cough/fever or any other thing with it. wish it'd go away already!

I ordered the power pack for my monitor yesterday. hopefully it'll arrive this week (shipping from CA). I really miss my monitor!

Hunter's been in a 'mood' with daddy gone. that means he gets in a lot of trouble for acting out. LOL! he's overly rough and rowdy and with daddy out, its that much worse. he was sent to bed early twice this week (including tonight) for not listening. it breaks his heart when he gets in trouble, I don't know why its so hard to get him to listen when he's like that. *sigh*

I go on Tuesday to get our taxes done *woohoo!* I'm kinda worrying about having to take all the kids though. my mom works half days and my appt is at 1. she's off at 12:15. I'm hoping she'll be able to just get that day off or get off work earlier. I asked my cousin about watching the kids if mom couldn't, but she'll have to get back with me cause she needs to set up a parent/teacher appt and will have to go when they're available of course. so we'll see. I can do the appt with the kids there, I would just like to have all my attention given to the tax lady instead. LOL! plus I was hoping to go to JCP and spend some more on my gift card if I was alone. ^_^

I cut and colored my hair last night (much needed!). I only trimmed about an inch off all over, but it made a difference and getting rid of that gray schtuff was a must! now I feel younger!  (and look a smidge younger, hehe!)

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