Friday, February 23, 2007

belly be gone! please?

oh, forgot to mention, I'm down 1/2 lb today!! yeah, not much, but I've not even added upping my activity to my days yet. I'm just keeping track of my foods (which makes me want to snack less )
my calories have been kept from 2300-2450 each day so far. sounds like a ton when people talk about losing weight. *blush* but I gotta remember I can really diet right now. I know if I got more active I'd see a bigger change. just gotta DO it! (note to kick self in self's butt!)


Anonymous said...

Hi Gina! I used to be a reader of yours long long ago. Anyway, I am back and I just wanted to say REMEMBER that exercising more works better than eating less! Think about it, your body is accustomed to a certain amount of food, and if you eat less instead of exercising it'll just leave you exhausted. Trust me I know... when I dieted before I would only eat like 600 calories a day. Good to hear all is well (and that you've got another little one!) I am posting the link to my blog if you want to bookmark it. Bye!

Mama Gina said...

yeah, I know. getting me into action is the problem. LOL! besides all the regular stuff I do around the house, getting the time in for more sometimes seems crazy. :P
I'm working on rearranging the living room to get the treadmill back in here though!
and good to see you again! :)