Monday, February 19, 2007

Happy Birthday! that's awesome!!

we had a good day, nothing special happened really, just a good all around day. the kids didn't do much at all on school work mostly my fault for sleeping in late today, but we'll work on making up tomorrow.
my parents came over for dinner (baked chicken with rotini and cheese sauce, fried red taters, mac/cheese for the kids, green beans, meatballs and rolls). my mom brought me a gift over! its one of the Crayola cutters. its really cool but I'll have to practice with it. it'll be so neat for scrapping!

My little sister sent me a card today, but I didn't hear from my brother (which isn't surprising LOL ). FIL called, but he didn't remember my bday either (that is totally not surprising! LOL) and I didn't remind him. no biggie!

I'm hoping G sleeps well tonight. I'll be heading to the shower after this post. I am tired tonight, so gotta get my rest while I can.
I was getting tickled at him today though, he's getting more and more brave about letting go when standing. several times while he'd be standing at my legs, I'd feel him let go to like rub his eyes or something. don't know if he realizes he stands by himself though. he thinks its hilarious to stand out in front of me and I try to get him to walk to me.

he's getting insistent on feeding himself snack foods. his puffs must be fed by him or else he'll guide my hand to his mouth. he has to have his own spoon many times during feeding cause he'll try to hijack my spoon and then its a wrestle match to get it back. LOL!

a Gavin funny from today: he got all serious on me and asked me "mommy, who's baby were you?"
I said "mamaw's"
me: "yes. and uncle John and Aunt Kimmy are also Mamaw's babies."

kids are SO dang funny!!!

and in some totally awesome news, I added up what we've paid off so far since we started our 'money makeover' in September and *drum roll please* our current paid-off total is $4885.92!!!!!!!!!!!! that is SO awesome feeling!!! amazing!!! it puts wind in my sails and a smile on my face! we've got a long way to go, probably a couple years worth, but man, what a great feeling to know we've done that much already!!!

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