Sunday, February 04, 2007

superbowl sunday

we stayed home today. :P I was looking forward to going to church this morning, but the roads were covered up again and the backroads to church are mighty dangerous.  they were clear by noon of course, so I took our movies back and stopped and got KFC for our dinner for the rest of the day. been forever since we ate from there.
tonight, watched the superbowl,
GO COLTS!  wasn't much of a game though, really. and the commercials I wasn't impressed with either. there were a couple that I thought were funny, but really, where did the inspiration go?  ah well. it was kinda boring basically watching it by myself. I miss hubby. :( Canaan would pop in and out to catch up on what was going on, but nothing like dh being next to me to gripe about the plays. hehe!
he'll get to be in on Tuesday at least. I also go get our taxes done that day, so hopefully it'll be a great day!!

the PB bars are gone as of tonight. the kids scarfed down what was left. I really need to lighten upon the snacking cause man oh man, its gonna catch up with me really quick if I don't!  I'm still hanging in a size 12 and I want to keep it that way or go smaller. I tend to have a problem with inching up. :P

OH, forgot to mention I think that Garrett started waving yesterday!  its SO cute cause he only waves his hand, not his whole arm, its kinda like a queen or some royalty with how they just do the hand wave at the crowd. LOL!
his diaper rash is clearing up a bit at a time. I do think the Activia yogurt is helping him go, but maybe its making his poos acidic? he's definitely gone more today (he did have a butt pill yesterday morning, but worked it out really fast). tonight he almost had a blowout!  that would be the first time for him to have one!
got him in the bath tonight cause he's been a mess while eating, plus for his rash and he just has a ball. doesn't care for toys at all, just wants to play with the water (soaking everything he can) and staring at the baby staring at him in the spigot! ^_^ he stays in til the water turns cold then he's ready to get out. I do like that he doesn't mind getting his head/face wet. he thinks its funny (reminds me of Canaan and Gavin).

I watched One Night with the King today too.  very good movie! even Katlyn watched most of it with me. (for those that don't know, its a movie about Queen Esther).

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