Tuesday, October 03, 2006

yep, its me!

Garrett is sleeping on my chest right now. kid NEEDS a nap, dang if he's not been a grouch-o-potamus today! course that's in between all the giggles, he really does have a great personality.
took the kids in town, had to mail a package and wanted to rent Xmen 3, little mermaid, new scooby movie and some kids movies for the kids. been a while since we got new releases really. dh has been looking forward to Xmen (as have I), so we'll watch that tonight most likely if he gets in in time.
paid another $12 on goodyear and its now down to $59.95!!!! almost there, almost there!!!! even the staff at goodyear are rooting us on now. (they're old friends).
fixed a big honkin dinner tonight: meatloaf, mashed taters, mac & cheese (homemade, not boxed), cheese peas, biscuits and fried green tomatoes. love it when I feel like whipping up a real dinner. LOL!!

oh, some wonderful news today, I found a new house insurance carrier!! we had actually been with them before, but they stopped carrying policies on double wides, but they've started doing so again. I didnt know til today when I called, but something (God!) had been urging me to call and check. well, we can get our insurance almost $300 cheaper with them than anywhere else has been!!! such a blessing!!! as soon as we get that first payment together we'll be goign in to fill out the paperwork! awesome!!

Garrett has been consistant in his sleeping pattern. he even went to bed earlier last night, around 9:30 and still slept to almost 5 this morning. awesome! and it was a test of the 'put yourself back to sleep' cause he was restless when I put him back down. a couple of times of patting him softly on the back though and he was out again. yay garrett! still working on getting ME back to sleep afterwards though. sheesh!!

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