Monday, October 09, 2006

eat, sleep...

babe slept til 6 this morning then I brought him to bed w/ me. got a slow start on the day tho. my neighbor came over to go thru the clothes for her kids (took 3 walmart bags! ) I'll let danielle go thru whats left tomorrow then I'll try to take the rest to the meeting tomorrow night. once I get all the laundry done, I'll put all the other summer stuff we'll keep up and we'll be done! went much smoother this year!

let G try some more sweet taters this morning after his nursing and he still wasnt having none o' that! he took @ a babyspoon worth. oh well, no loss! he's done excellently with moving the food to the back of his mouth tho.

and I think his eyes just may go some point. maybe by 6 months. they're still blue, but every now and then its like they have a very light brown cast over them, kinda like the 2 colors are fighting for dominence. course, maybe they'll turn out hazel! like mommys!

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