Sunday, October 22, 2006

knees and toes...

evening ladies!

waiting to see if little G will stay asleep for me. I put him down early cause Hunter was giving me problems going to bed and G's been working on going to sleep for about half an hour. he's not cranky, just a bit whiney. paci'ed him again just a bit ago and its quiet so far.

we missed church today! G woke about 4:30 to eat and he was back in bed by 5:30 (I think I fell asleep on the couch sometime in there :lol: ) and I expected him to be up by 7ish, as his usual, but Katlyn brought him in at 9:20! :wow: course after nursing him, it was 9:40, so we'd only get an hour of service before driving back (20 minutes one way), so we stayed home with daddy. :)

I fixed eggs, biscuits, white gravy and ham for breakfast then we started on a great day of getting things done! most due to my wonderful hubby! :D

he recaulked a portion of the kitchen window that ants were finding a way in through (onto my counters! :yuck: ), then reinstalled a strip of moulding from the boys bedroom closet, then put up the kids towel bar (finally!) in their bathroom. my 'honey-do' list has been cut down a bit! :D

also got the kids on cleaning their rooms really well. especially K's room (my gosh!) course the reason being that Garrett will soon be mobile and this stuff has got to be up and staying off the floors! sure we can close doors, but they wont always be closed. K's room is the worst with all her little doll stuff. oy!

both rooms look respectable now though. and this is a good reason for them to be:

each day he gets better and better at getting up on all 4's! :eek: he rocks himself back and forth too. he can stay up on all 4's for probably a good 5 seconds right now. doesn't sound like long, but he gets it figured out more and more each time. I don't remember if any of the other kids were doing this this early. will have to look back!

he's also practicing his sitting:

its a terrible pic cause my leg is behind him there so its really close up. LOL! he's chewing on my finger too. he was quite the cranky-schmanky yesterday (as Naomi will know since I had to get off yahoo so fast with her. sorry girl!).

I can see his gums reshaping on the bottom-the top of them-to accommodate an upcoming tooth. I'm still sure its going to be his bottom left to come through first. just waiting for the morning when it'll actually pop through! some days he's fine and other times its like a bottle of Tylenol for both of us is what's needed! LOL!!!

.....still quiet in there.....

guess that's about it. I'm sure there's more I wanted to yak about, but I've forgot. :P

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