Thursday, October 12, 2006

good days

yesterday was a good day! my friend Danielle and her boys came over at lunch and spent about 4 hours with us. Gavin has been aching to get Sam over (her 5 yr old) to play and this was their day! we had a simple lunch of hot dogs, chips, sandwiches and ramen noodles. LOL! total kid-fare, but it worked!
we had a great time cause we got to blab all day! LOL! been quite a while since we got to do that without missing out on a church service!
the kids played themselves tired and all mine were more than ready to crash come bedtime. hehe!
they even played in the rain since a front came through (and made it darned cold afterwards!). of course I forgot to get any pics. ah well. we're going to try to make it a more regular thing now since we'd gotten out of the habit. perhaps the kids and I will go to her house in a couple of weeks. :-)
ah, Garrett has started something new today. he's sucking on his bottom lip!

he also scratched his nose today. his nails are clipped but I obviously missed a tiny corner of one and it got his nose while eating tonight. even bled some, dang it. of course I went over his nails again when putting him in his sleeper for bed.

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