Saturday, October 07, 2006

I love weekends

G woke @ 3:15 this morning. had done gone from one end of the bed to the other and was smushed up in the corner. I knew he'd be ticked if I just moved him and tried to get him back to sleep, so I nursed him and he took both sides. @ half hour later I put him down, to which he started to fuss, but a bit of back patting and a paci and he was out cold...till almost 9 this morning!
we got breakfast, dressed and stuff and headed out for some more yard sales while dh and C were in Nashville.
found some more good stuff, children's place jeans for Garrett, a bunch of stuff to put back for Christmas (pokemon pillows, cards and movies, plushies, plus an Elmo doll and a care bear). found a skirt/shirt set for me, some tools for dh (funny me trying to explain what they looked like to him on the phone ), and a few baby toys-one in particular for Landon that I dropped off cause it was a giraffe and tasha loves giraffes.

met dh in town and he took the two young boys home with him and C so they'd stop being bored ( LOL) and after another sale, took K with me and Garrett to taco bell where we shared a combo and nachos (shhhhh! LOL) then stopped at my brothers to give them the toy, then on to home.
Garrett is down for a nap now and after he gets up and nurses the other side, I'll let him try some pears for a late lunch.

gotta get some laundry done and such (*yawn*) and C will be leaving in a while to go with my mom and Sdad to a singing in the next town. he loves going so he can help with the sound equipment.

dh is working on the mailbox he got a BIG one for me! yay!!

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