Monday, October 02, 2006


had a great time today!
the weather was wonderful, had a good service (though many people were out due to fall break at school), then took the kids to McDs after changing clothes before going to my Sis' new house for our first visit.
we stayed for like.... 8 hours! LOL!! the kids had a blast and I know all my kids will sleep great tonight!

oh, someone ran over our mailbox during the night too. I do mean flattened like a pancake ran over it. wasn't intentional since the boxes sit off the road. they've just repaved our roads this past week and the shoulders are pretty low. I figure someone went off that and lost it, going right over our box. :P I've been wanting a new, bigger one anyway. now's the time to get one!
dh said he'd bring something home to put it on to where if anyone hit it, they'd still be sitting there in the morning. :) hehe!

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