Thursday, October 05, 2006


the first bill is PAID OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (there are not enough smilies for my happy dance! )
and we just got in the mail today a refund check on state taxes for $138 which will finish up what we need for our first payment on our house insurance renewal! God is Good!!
and this weekend I'll begin on bill #2: Lowe's for $451.22. if I'm only able to pay $30 a month, it'll be done by 1-13-07. I'm hoping for a better payoff time than that though!
I feel good today!!
I put a bright blue highlight line through the first bill on the list for D-O-N-E!! that just feels SO dang good!!! now if someone would please come buy that 4 wheeler to take care of that bill + some that'd be nice!

got our grocery getting done. I tell ya, we gotta start getting out sooner. I absolutely hate being in Wal-Mart in the afternoons! argh! plus the schools are out for fall break, so its like twice the people in there. so hectic.
I put XMen 3 and Little Mermaid on layaway today too. that dang Xmen movie was $24!! its the collectors edition w/ a special comic book included. whatever. I know dh would want it though so I got it (he better appreciate it I know he will ).
the weather turned out kinda icky today, misty and chilled out there now. bleh. much nicer this morning!

babe has been cranky today, he hates going to Wal-Mart too.

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