Monday, October 23, 2006

just tidbits

evenin'! just put little bit to bed. he was way passed out from a milk induced sleep I sure hope he sleeps well tonight cause he didn't do much of it today at all! maybe 2 hrs of naps the whole dang day. ugh! he's alright most of the time, but he goes through some really cranky spells cause he's so tired. amazingly though, tonight he was great! its usually his worst time of the day for crankiness. he sat on daddy's lap through dinner, played in the saucer for over an hour while I got my shower and stuff, played on the floor for a while (though he did fuss for some of that cause he was hungry). ate really well for me, even eating all the peas I'd dished out for him, plus finishing off a thing of applesauce. (got a great pic of a 'pea face' ).
tomorrow, my big sis is supposed to come. she couldn't last week cause her youngest got sick and then passed it on to her. LOL! and my mom is picking up Landon for the day as well, so she'll come over when Sis is here cause Lisa's never seen Landon yet. I'll be getting my 'new' furniture tomorrow from her! WOO! I'm excited!!

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