Wednesday, October 25, 2006

this n that

its been a good day, nothing spectacular, but hey, everyone's happy and resting now and no one got hurt today. G was super cranky this afternoon. he either needs to take a good poop or cut a tooth. the first will be a big mess when it happens! ick!
I did get a lot of vacuuming done today though (since he always gets quiet when I do that. why couldnt it be when I'm eating a cookie?? LOL)
so I got both the kitchen and LR fans cleaned, the bathroom crevices cleaned, the air duct unit and all the crevices in the kitchen. go me! LOL! vacuumed the walls and everything since our fans run 24/7 really (tho the LR fan is off for now so that it'll be warmer in here during the day while its chilly outside) so the dust gets on the walls/ceilings.

made pasta salad, deviled eggs, burgers and fries, fresh cucumbers and broccoli for dinner. very filling!
dh came home in a good mood again. the job is going smooth so far, which is always a plus! he'll be working on saturday this week (which is good, gotta have that OT ya know!)
hoping to pay some more on bill #2 this weekend! its knocked down to $276.22 (started at $451.22 on 10-6) so I really want to keep the momentum going! put some more stuff up on ebay earlier this week, just waiting and hoping it can all sell!

I got more pics (I know ya'll gotta be tired of that LOL) but its funny. I got progression pics from tonight of G and his 'reverse engine' LOL!

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