Friday, October 06, 2006

Garrett stuff

and forgot to mention some Garrett stuff!
he finished off his first jar of food tonight, the bananas! ate the most he has at one sitting yet (about half a jar). and he was happy to get them! he was cranky prior to them and got ticked when I sat him in his chair ( ) but when that first bite went it it was and he gobbled it all up! so cute! he's done fine on the bananas, definitely hasnt hurt his poops, he went twice today. shoooooooooooo!! stinky!!!!!!!!!!!
so tomorrow I guess we'll start on pears.

he's getting very vocal, discovering his voice and that he's the one that makes it go! I'm just waiting for him to start screeching and hollering for the heck of it!

still discovering that slight head of hair up there. I think its so cute when they start rubbing their heads like 'what's that?'

he's getting more dexterous in using his hands. no more random smacking, he grabs what he looks at and 99% of the time it becomes chew-fodder. he snatched my grocery list on thursday. he helps me "turn" the pages on the books (since I refuse to let him munch the magazines LOL), and the patterns on any shirt he's looking at quickly get grabbed so he can inspect it closer (aka: chew on it ).

he still has NO desire to grab his feet. he will stare at them and study them while he's sitting, but when I stick it up for him to grab or notice more, he's like "so. " I guess too busy for mere feet! (for now LOL).

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