Friday, June 16, 2006

update after dr check

well, we have a date now!
I'm a "loose 4 cm now" (was a loose 3 to a tight 4 on tues). another sweep and dr thinks I'll go in by tonight on my own. we know how that is though. LOL! if I don't go, then we'll call in the morning for a time to come in and will have baby tomorrow!! woo!!
I told dr about my boughts of regular contrax for a couple hours that flutter off and he said to "please just come in next time". LOL! so if we do get regular tonight, we'll be going anyway. ;)
my waterbag is bulging a bit more as well. things are moving along!
he would have kept me today if I'd have gone on with the pitocin to move baby down, but we're hoping to move along by myself AND my oldest has his last ballgame tonight. :) so dh is hoping baby will at least hold off til they win. LOL! boys and their sports, me oh my!
so this weekend is IT one way or another!!!
#5 due NOW!

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