Wednesday, June 28, 2006



Mr.. fussy is sleeping on my chest right now. I think he's in a growing spurt cause he's wanting to feed all the time. another bath today again proves his temper was mightier. LOL!

oh, outside today, the kids were in the pool, so I pulled off G2's socks and put his feet in (it was warmed up by then) and he had a freak moment! :lol: ok, no water baby here!

he's still not much on his swing. all the other kids loved it. he's gonna be the odd ball. :)

got more pics today, but will hopefully post tomorrow.

oh, found that we do still owe $266 on the house ins. they just never sent any more bills on it. :rolleyes: great.

I'm going to try to get my wal-marting done tomorrow during ball practice. maybe. eek! it'd just be me and the 4 youngest.

then Friday is the dr appt, I don't know if my mom will be able to go or not due to a wedding rehearsal dinner for my step-bro. that will be interesting. dr office always is. plus I'm going to see @ getting G's 5 yr shots while we're there. joy.

I may come out of there a bit balder!

got a cute baby package from some cousins today. had pooh bear stuff and more, which I call G2 'pooh bear' all the time, so it fits! :)

ok, gonna get babe and me to bed for some zz's!

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