Monday, June 12, 2006

1 day past edd

I started going through my post maternity clothes. I must admit, I'm a slob. : I've got a few nice things, but man, time to find the momma some NEW stuff!!! well, new to me anyway. I'll be searching at the yard sales for stuff to replace a LOT of what I've got. its almost embarrassing!
also starting to sort out a lot of the maternity stuff. I'll likely still wear some of it after baby gets here, just for comfort reasons and a lot of the newer stuff doesn't even 'look' like maternity, so that makes me feel better. A lot of it can go ahead and be packed up though, so that's what I'll work on some more while the kids are at VBS.

C is at a game, met daddy in town so he could take him on, then grabbed a couple sandwiches for the kids (I actually thought it was Tuesday, so went to order Sonic's 5 for $5 when they told me it was Monday. ). then took the younger 3 to VBS. they had a ball last night, so were all jumping out of the van to go back tonight. that means good stuff!

so here by myself (gosh its quiet!). thinking about getting on the treadmill... though I really don't want to.
I've had some good contrax off and on all day. they've gotten to where they all wrap around from back to front and put lots of pressure downwards. all a good sign, but still don't think baby is engaged at this point.

oh, and remember my poison ivy place on my belly? well all that dry skin is now flaking off. its like peeling after a sunburn. quite yucky, but at least I've got normal skin underneath!!

and the two oldest are doing well since getting back from camp. we had a couple of 'attitude issues' today that got straightened out really quick, but otherwise, fine.

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