Friday, June 30, 2006

2 wk check +

kids are in bed, K is staying w/ her friend Dana. dh and C leave out for the weekend early in the morning, so just me and the youngest 3 tomorrow. eek! lol!it'll be interesting, but ok. still not decided if I'll stay at my moms sat. night yet. would make getting to church easier.

GC had his 2 week appt today! he did great, though he didn't like the naked times as expected. lol!
he's now 8.3 1/2 lbs, 22", head is 14 1/2". dr said he's a 'perfect baby', doing all he should just like he should. everything looked great. he'll go back at 2 months and will start his immunizations then.
I do have pics from today, first time I remembered to take a cam w/ me.

C and K had a great time at the rainforest cafe tonight. C tried to get out of going, but we wouldn't let him, and he's glad he went!
I let them take their camera, but K forgot to take it in.

GC got his first booboos tonight too. I'd dug out the ol' bouncy seat from under the boys bed and cleaned it up for him. didn't figure he'd actually care for it though, since he's not big in his swing yet,or laying down when not tired. he does like it though, was able to put him in it twice and get some stuff done. well, the 2nd time I was putting some other crib toys in his bed while he was in it. he started fussing and cassie came over to check him out (the calico), and she smacked his hand that he was waving around. so he's got 5 little scratches on his right hand. cassie has been evicted of course.

ok, thats taken @ an hour, gotta change another poopy!


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