Thursday, June 08, 2006

kids are at camp and dinner at moms

dinner at moms was wonderful! parmesan chicken w/ mashed taters and green beans! brought home a big portion for dh too cause he didnt get home til about 8:30 tonight. felt good to not worry about dinner.
I did pig on the mashed taters though, gosh, I love those things!

and thanks for the labor vibes. I sure hope they work! even if the kids dont make it back in time, I'd not complain one bit.
I'm feeling like I'm the last one to go again. which is rather silly cause there are lots of ladies still waiting in my p/g. but like robert said, even the last mommy cat gave birth to her kittens this past weekend! so around here, I'm the last one, again. dang, is that hard! part of me is rarin' to go and another part of me is like 'but its still quiet around here'. LOL!! oh well. its not a perpetual pg, so baby will come, just hopefully sooner than later!

and I have to say something on Gavin. LOL! he is SUCH a talker! which I knew this of course, but I think he saves most of his conversations for Katlyn cause they hang out together so much. well, with her gone, its all for momma! LMBO! that kid would keep yakkin' for hours if I dindt direct him to something! cracks me up!
a funny moment tonight at moms, papaw Gary was finishing up some mowing with the push mower and theirs is hard to pull/crank. at one point he bellowed "WELL!" adn then cranked and it started. Gavin, ever the listener (so he can repeat) told me "you gotta say WELL to make it go!" to which everything he needed to do (ie: getting the swings to swing) he'd holler "WELL!" mom and I were cracking up! and papaw got a tickle too. I told mom it was a good thing he didnt say something else!! LOL!!!

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Bekki said...

I can't believe that any day you'll have a brand new baby boy to love. I'm a little envious..*sniff*...some day...maybe