Tuesday, June 13, 2006

appt update

the appt was good, I'm finally at 4cm and 60%. got my membranes "scrambled" really well, even spotting now.
baby is measuring 37 weeks still, so dr is not 'at all' worried that he'll be a big baby, even if I go til next week. that does make me feel better since that's 2 dr opinions on it.
baby is sitting at -3 station (he kinda goes back and forth between floating and -3. dr. doesn't expect him to actually engage til labor starts).
I dropped 2 lbs again, which is good, so by the dr. I'm 188 and by home I'm 182, and since I've been keeping up with my weight from home from the start, it means I'll be able to maintain my goal of not going over 185 (ok, at least when I deliver ) Dr. P was glad my feet look like feet this week.
BP was 142/78 which is up for me but still in normal range.
he didn't offer a date today (dang it!!) but said if my body is ready, it'll go w/in 24 hrs after sweeping my membranes. if not, he expects me to go on my own within the week, no problem. guess we'll see on that.
so things are just 'normal' and waiting at the moment. hopefully the contrax that want to start up in the evening will decide to stay with me now! sheesh!!

oh, I did go ahead and install the carseat before leaving this morning. THAT was a feat in itself!! my gosh! you'd think I'd never done that before! first I had to figure out HOW to get the carseat off the base again so I could sit on the base to get it in tight on the latches. that took me almost 10 minutes to figure out! LOL!!! also installed the baby mirror on the headrest I got from my shower and got to test it while driving today to make sure I could see baby.
#5 due NOW!

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Bekki said...

Get that baby going!!! Tell him I'm waiting. LOL That oughta do it! LOL