Wednesday, June 14, 2006

and it continues

yes, still here. (I get tired of saying that, sometime I gotta say nope, I'm over there! LOL)
still losing some gunk from yesterday off and on, still crampy off and on and contracting off and on. (all this off and on stuff, geez!) gets lots of pressure sometimes that hurts too.

dh took C to ball practice (glad I didn't have to go in town again). we went to Wal-Mart with mom and got some walking in, whatever good it did. but I did get stuff I needed to make it through past Friday if I'm not able to go to the grocery (please please PLEASE!!!!!!!!). plus some algae killer for the pool.

oh, we have a mouse in the house. : does that stupid mouse not realize that if I get a chance in my current mood I will literally stomp it???!!! argh!! its been years since we had a mouse! I've got the cabinets open so the cats can hopefully get it and dh will set some traps tonight. get that stinkin thing OUT OF MY HOUSE!!!

have I mentioned how grouchy I am today? not a pretty site.

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