Sunday, June 11, 2006

happy EDD

happy due date to me! (whoopee )
yes, I'm slightly bummed and quite the grouch most of the time right now.
church was good, afterwards went to hardees for lunch cause dh was in the middle of installing shelves at the baseball field. then the boys and I came back home for a nap. I got about an hour in at least, the boys are still sleeping on the couch.
waiting on my big kids to get back. they should be arriving any time. my mom is picking them up at the church (she's about 6 miles closer) and we'll pick them up at my moms. I'm sure they'll wonder where I am when they see mamaw there.
they'll also start bible school tonight right up the road here. Gavin is looking forward to it, keeps asking what time it is (starts at 6 pm) we'll be taking all the kids this week, so we'll have at least 2 1/2 hrs of quiet time each night. maybe we can get some more in during that time.... if it'll do any good.
I cant tell ya how bummed I am right now. *sigh* if I didn't have a history of BIG babies, I'd not be so stressed, but I know the longer we go, the bigger he gets. not that I cant get out another 10 lber, but the risks increase when they get that big, ya know? I just want him out and in my arms now.
miracles DO happen, right? (yes, I'd consider it a miracle to go into labor before my appt on Tuesday at this point.)

my ticker is funny, I'll read it to the little one so he gets the hint!

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