Tuesday, June 06, 2006

update on SIL! (and me!)

*sorry if you've gotten this more than once*

I actually sent this out yesterday, but my internet connection goofed, so it didn't get sent. (make sense? LOL)
they'll be home tomorrow morning!

as for me, at my appt today, I'm finally 3 cm and 50% and baby is measuring just below normal. BP was 121/74 and I'm actually down 2 lbs which the dr was glad to see cause of the fluid retention. I also had my membranes swept (again).
he offered to let me come in Thursday for induction, but I said no cause that's the day the two oldest go to church camp, so not a good day. then he offered Monday if I want it and if we decide on it I just gotta call by Thursday to let him know.
my next appt is on Tuesday the 13th, if I make it that far and we'll see how baby/I are doing and will set the day for sure. probably Thursday next week, at the latest Friday. :)
so the end is definitely in sight! wee!!

tried to send a pic, but here is the link to my flickr acct so you can see them all. :) http://www.flickr.com/photos/thebeehiveextra/

*update from this morning*

Finally at 8 a.m. this morning, June 5th, Landon Jase was born!
SIL did wonderfully, though I didnt get to stay the whole time (got home about 2:15 a.m. this morning). Mom said she never took the epi, but had a shot of demoral while I was there and a shot of nubain later in the morning.
she was on pit from about lunch yesterday through the whole time. I felt so much for her, seeing how much she was hurting by the time I was ready to go home. it's hard when its someone else going through it, but then again its nice not being the one going through it... yet.
Mom said he's got a lot of hair (like Tasha did at birth cause my brother was about bald LOL) and he's 8.6 3/4 lb and 21 1/2" long. much bigger than anyoen guessed!

*update from this afternoon*
the kids and I got to visit wtih Tasha and Landon this morning for a couple of hours. he's so pretty and perfect! :) sending a pic of my little nephew when we first seen him, still in the warmer. they're both doing well. Tasha is sore of course, but in much better spirits. ;)

for me, I go to the dr. first thing in the morning. hoping for good news!

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