Thursday, June 29, 2006

out n about

baby holding

got my walmarting done today. mom met us there so wasn't so bad. had to put GC in the sling tho cause he was tired and he refuses to go to sleep w/ out some sort of snuggling.
he did well tho, no complaints!
tomorrow will be full. seems C is to be at the batting cages @ 11, so I'll take him there, to the dr by 1:30, back by 3 for mom and to get C & K ready for their trip to Nashville at 4:30. we'll pick them up @ 9:30, or maybe daddy will K may be staying w/ a friend when they get back from there. C & dh will be heading up early Saturday to Owensboro, 2 games that day, they'll stay the night and have another game the next morning. the kids and I *may* stay at my moms sat. nite.

oh, todays weigh in: 158.5!! 1/2 lb under pre-pg! course I did buy some cupcakes at Wal-Mart today, so it may not stay there.

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