Sunday, February 24, 2008


 its been fun playing with this thing. I'm at moms where I can get high speed with the wireless router even!  been able to DL all the stuff I need and get updates for my other programs asap! awesome!!
the kids are still itching to get their hands on it
still working out the logisticss of where to set stuff up at home (w/ the printer and all that stuff) but that's cool!
and while at walmart today we passed by their laptops and they had the kissing cousin to my puter. C says 'there's yours mom' to which I said 'nope, I got mine for $50 less and I have another gig of memory. " so awesome deal!

dh is still working so we're just hanging out here.

today has been a bad pelvic day. walking walmart was hard! slow, very slow going there. have had a ton of BH today and lots of pelvic pressure and pain. :P sleeping is getting hard to do cause my hips hurt so much after laying on them, but I cant lay on my back of course. bleh.

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