Monday, February 18, 2008

ramble ramble

how's this for a rambling post...

I got the travel swing put together today and feel like a dufus! when I stored it back last year, I didnt take the batteries out!!!! so not sure if it'll even work or not now.  gotta get me some C batteries (or charge up what I have) and see if it'll move for me. I cleaned up the leads as well as I could, but one of the springs (that push against the batteries) broke cause of the corrosion. *sigh* there's still a small piece of spring there, but not the full size. so we'll see. what a duh moment! (and I couldnt blame it on pg brain cause I wasnt pg at the time! :P)

C goes back to school tomorrow (yay! LOL!!) never thought I'd be one of those to do that, but man oh man, does he like picking. and between him and Hunter its like WWE all the time! *grrrr*
C still has a bit of a cough (did I mention he had been under the weather from thursday afternoon til sunday morning?). he always coughs when he gets any kind of sicky though, so that's what he's dealing with now.

G has little red cheeks, they look like they're chapped, but he's not been outside in the cold today.  course it could be from playing too. he's not been ill, though he has refluxed 3 times tonight after dinner, which is something that he very rarely every does anymore.

been big time windy here today (finally its settled down). had to send the kids out to pick up the trash from the yard cause it was trash day and of course with the trash truck coming through, it got all kinds of stuff all over the yard. :P

in baby news:
I had a couple small pieces of mucous plug to show up this morning. nothing major, just noticeable to me. nothing to worry about obviously, just enough to make me glad that I go in tomorrow and will know what exactly is going on up there.

I feel like I clean clean and clean some more around here. been forever since my house was this clean I think.  in fact, I've got the urge to grab a bottle of windex right now. (resisting that urge!) I think dh will be so sad once all this nesting phase has passed.
course I've not had a "cooking phase" to hit at all, so maybe he will be happy if I switch out!

oh, I'm also planning on getting some highlights put in my hair, hopefully by this weekend! my bday gift to me!

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Kimmy Jones said...

I have never had the cooking bug. :P HA! I would probably be a better wife/mommy if it bit me. :D