Sunday, February 24, 2008


 in other good news, got a big bill paid off today!! I'm so glad to be rid of it! that'll save us like $180 a month cause I'm always late on the stupid thing because of how it falls in the month.  so now we say "hey hey hey: goodbye!!!"
dh has to get new tires for this ford soon, so we'll be working on those. (yes, the refund is gone now. *pout*) but we took care of our property taxes, one CC type bill and my new laptop *giggle*. still $200 leftover to go towards his tires though, so it'll help. amazing how fast $ can go adios!

I'm getting back on track with dave ramsey though. with the holidays it was hard to do anything besides stay afloat, but things will pick up now and plus it helps having one of our big bills paid off. so time to start cracking the whip again and take care of this crap!

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