Sunday, February 03, 2008

finally an update!

long time no update, sorry!
my puter got fried last week from storms that came through and it took me a few days to get the part and the boys computer I was using was not user friendly. :) now our connection is really crappy cause of all the wetness around here from the weather, so I'm getting nothing big done online.

funny stuff: Garrett decided to try and stick his head in the kitty's house and almost got his head stuck!  I got a pic the 2nd time he tried.

while we were in the last 2 minutes of the game tonight, he decided to to the streak thing and go without his diaper. LOL! I didnt want to miss the game, so I was letting him run free. well, he went into the bathroom during this time and after a few seconds I went in after him (he LOVES playing in the potty). so I go in and he's standing in front of the potty, then looks under the front of the potty and points to where a good sized wet spot is!!!! he'd tried peeing in the potty, but was about 4" too short to get his bird over the rim!!!! ROFLOL! who'd have thunk it!!
he was so excited afterwards that while I was holding him and telling everyone in here, he popped me in the nose! dang that hurt!
Go Giants!!! so it finally got exciting and had a good ending!
dh and the kids and my mom all got here about the same time, right before 4th quarter started, so I had some fun people to watch the rest with. :-D

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