Saturday, February 09, 2008

busy day

so mom called this morning to tell me papaw would be stopping over around 10 to pick the kids up and bring them to their house.  that was great cause I wouldnt have to worry about stressing with them at the tax office.
C wanted to go with me, so I let him. I wanted help anyway since I needed to pick up some heavy items at the stores and JIC I started feeling bad while out.

got there on time and spent probably an hour there, maybe more.  Mrs. Kay loves taking her time with her clients and we yakked about almost everything and C got to hold her mini poodle, Trouble, while there. (I got a pic on my phone I'll post later).
we're getting back a very nice refund! a little less than last year since dh got more overtime in '07, but is only a few hundred $ difference, so no biggie.
that'll be going to pay off our property taxes and two CC bills that are late every month. (*grumble complain gripe!*). so I'll be a very happy camper! doesnt look like I'll get a laptop out of the deal. oh well. I'd rather have this crap paid off!

after leaving there, we stopped at the goodwill. I wanted to see if they had a baby swing, but they didnt. then we hit the donut shop!!! I got my creme filled donut and C got one called a chocolate chip and we shared a creme horn.
then off to hobby lobby. I wanted to see if they had any book binding tape and they didnt!  imagine that!
so then off to eat finally! (you know, real food) and I took C to ruby tuesdays. (dang if I'd forgotten how ridiculously expensive they are!!!!! should have gone to TGIF!) I got this smokehouse cheeseburger and C got 2 mini burgers w/ the salad bar. we both got drinks (should have gotten water!) and I spent $23!!  that's the last time for a long time! it was good though and we had food to bring home since C coudlnt finish his burgers and neither of us could finish the fries. (H and G enjoyed them later)

then off to Sams. when we pulled in, he thought he seen my sis' car, so called her and sure enough, they were in there! so we met them and they walked with us around the store while we got what we needed. (I'm stocked back up on Nesquick and grape tomatoes!)

after leaving there, headed back to our town and stopped at food lion. got my diapers, catfood, cat litter and totally forgot to get any teabags! will HAVE to do that tomorrow cause we only have 2 bags left! (we drink at least a gallon a day, 2 if dh is home all day-which he'll be tomorrow).
then stopped at dollar market to get the kids cokes (a case for $3.50!) then stopped at my brothers ILs house so C could borrow a couple of games from his cousin. found that my nephew, landon, and SIL, tasha, both have the flu!  T wasnt there, but L was (looking so pitiful) but I stayed clear of him and we didnt stay long.
finally back to the house where we stopped long enough to pick up my flash drive so I could get a few things at moms (DSL!) and then to moms.

the kids and I got home around...5? I think. I'm STILL not hungry!  I fixed dh some fresh shrimp, mac/cheese, a left over crab cake and rice ball and some fried taters w/ carrots and onions for dinner. the kids had soups and stuff. I had a glass of tea. LOL!!

not sure if we're going to church in the morning. G had a low grade fever tonight (about 100*). gave him some tylenol before bed. not sure what's up with him though, so will have to see how he's doing in the morning. if we stay home, I may get the changing table out to the garage so I can paint it.

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