Wednesday, February 13, 2008

dh got in a bit early tonight, so we decided to go for pizza. they charged us for our salads tonight so our ticket was outrageous. (usually they let the salads go free and even comp a couple drinks for us since we're in there so often). but dh is going out of town in the morning and wont be back home til saturday, so that's our eating out for the rest of the week I suppose (no captain ds tomorrow night).
I stopped and got him a bag of Vday M&Ms to take with him (since I'd not gotten him anything ya know) and paid for C to get his little $1 pink bear in a Vday bag for his g/f he'd been wanting. ah, young "love". LOL!
dh brought home a pot of tulips for me tonight! he hid them on the bathroom counter (he always puts things somewhere so I 'find it'). I'm SO pleased with him this time! I always ask that if he gets me flowers, to make them plantable, not cut flowers, that way I can put them out in the yard and they can come back year after year. he did good this time!! (normally he forgets that part).
so I have red tulips to put out in my flower bed later on!
didnt get company today cause of the weather, but she's supposed to come out tomorrow (since its supposed to be 50*), so we'll see.

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