Tuesday, September 11, 2007

we had a good day today. got all our school done (woo, go me and kids!) and K made an 82 on her spelling test and G made a 100 on his.
we never did get any more rain today, but the temps were super nice! at one point I walked out and thought, dang, its chilly! but it warmed back up later. LOL
we did find that one of our kitties died this week. it was patches, the stray that had come up and just made himself at home. he'd had an infection in his jaw late last week, but it seemed to go away, then we found him today just under the porch.  :-( I'm guessing the infection got into his blood stream?  he never seemed like he was on deaths door at all. just dont know.

kids had a soccer game tonight. I feel very bad though cause I forgot to send the team snacks with them.  I've had these things waiting to go for weeks cause ours was the first game to be canceled when I was to bring snacks. I was so set to do it, but then in the course of the day, with the homeschool meeting tonight, then finding they had team pics tonight as well, plus everything else, I forgot. ugh!! our next game is thursday so I'll take snacks in on that day. most of the parents have not brought snacks for the kids and I was ready to step up for them and look at me.  bad mommy!
so I dropped the 4 oldest off with dh and he took them to the game and G and I went to the meeting. we got some neat field trips coming up. Chinese Acrobats, weather center at the local TV station, library, and more. I'm really looking forward to the acrobats!! I've always wanted to see them!
we had a baked potato and salad dinner at the meeting. it all sat well in my tummy too so that's even better. G munched on chili and taters for me.
tomorrow I'm going to try to make it to Story Hour at the library. wish me luck. LOL! mostly the handling of H and Garrett through it. neither like to sit still. K is glad to go cause she can browse the books while the kids are being read to.
gotta do a load of whites before we go to town though. tonight dh kindly asked if I could take time out of my busy schedule to get some socks washed.  um, yeah, I'll do that. LOL!

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