Sunday, September 02, 2007

today was a good day, though I feel like crud. we made it to church in
time and I even fixed cinnamon rolls for breakfast. go me! LOL!
after church we went to hardees for lunch. me and sis both had the
southwest chicken salad with no onions (though I think I should have
gotten the big chicken sandwich instead). after coming home, I took G
and we both laid down for a nap! took about 30 minutes to get him down
(even though he'd fallen asleep on the ride home) but after that he
slept til 4:30. (2 hr nap). I only slept for maybe an hour total in all
that. waking to pee once and waking before him after that. course I've
felt cruddy after my nap. I hate that.

the rest of the day was lazy. watched tv with daddy and the kids played
outside and inside.
G had a blowout this evening which prompted a bath asap. luckily nothing
like yesterdays where he decorated the porch and had to be sprayed off
outside. yuck!

dh is off work tomorrow, so it'll be another family day!

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