Saturday, September 15, 2007

from yesterday

I've felt like more crap today. it was totally my fault though. yesterday I had WAY too much caffiene and we ate a kinda late dinner, so I just could NOT sleep last night. PLUS I kept having to pee like every dang hour. ugh! finally around 2 (?) I got out of bed and went to the recliner so I could sleep semi-sitting up and got in about 3 hour stretch of sleep. woke when dh got up for work and went to bed and finally got some more rest. interrupted though cause C woke about 6, then I heard G and H up about 7 and H came in and out of the room to see me. he likes sloshing the bed and everything, cant just be still. baby finally woke at 8, so I was up then.
no nap or anything today either.

I looked for yard sales, but nothing that mattered. :P there's one tomorrow that will have maternity and baby stuff, so I'm going to go to that one. I did go to Cares for some cheap shopping though and found one gender neutral sleeper (green/white with jungle animals on the front snaps) and a pair of pink crib shoes with little flowers/hearts on the straps. they had a pair of ones with a little princess crown, but I couldtn find a match. couldn't find anything boy in newborn sizes, but did find G a sweatshirt for this winter.
also scored a kolcraft umbrella stroller with a parent bag there for $3.  I have a shade for it that I bought at the mega dollar. after the last soccer game on tuesday, I can get rid of the big stroller and just use my umbrellas til baby gets here. I'll start using my double then.

had lunch at the lunch box again, kids had taco bell. dinner was spaghetti, though I just ate noodles with salt, butter and parmesean, no sauce.

K stayed the night with my mom and C is going to Holiday World in the morning. DH is going to drop him off on his way to work, so that is great for me! I was stressing about having to get everyone up at 5 or earlier to get him there!

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