Tuesday, September 18, 2007

poor little pooh

my poor little Pooh woke up with a fever this morning. :( actually he got up with no diaper (the tab had broke), pee in the bed and a fever.  he's laying on the couch now resting some more. he's not felt like doing anything of course. had some juice when he got up and spit up some of that before going in to walmart.
I sent the other kids outside so he could rest better.
I was happy to see for me that I was down a couple pounds this morning. made me feel better anyway. LOL I feel pretty good today too, though I think I should have skipped the snicker bar I just ate. obviously chocolate is not a great thing to my tastebuds right now. :P

I had a good sleep last night, but it'd have been better without the 1,742 times that I had to get up to pee!!!  thankfully I just crashed back out after getting back to bed. sheesh!

***later today***
so the kids have their last soccer game tonight but I had to miss it.  we got to the park and were fine, I was letting G try to eat some applesauce since he's not eaten anything today, only had 3 cups of drink. he ate great, but before he could finish it, he threw it all up.  no change of clothes on hand (did in the van, just not at the field) plus he was still running a fever and it was hot outside, so once dh got there, I jsut brought him home. he's sleeping again now.
I hope the kids do good and have fun tonight. I think they'll be doing a tourney after this, not sure, but man, the teams not won a single game.  K doesnt care, but C is rather ticked. ;)

dinner will be soups and sandwiches cause when G wakes hes' in my lap the whole time.

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