Thursday, September 20, 2007

we had an exciting practice. my two middle children heartily 'entertained' me today.  the park had moved a set of bleachers to the side lines cause they're doing football games where we usually practice soccer at, so the boys kept getting on and off the bleachers (of course). I warned them about running on them and so they'd quit stomping them, running down them, etc. well eventually you konw we had to have an accident though and Hunter tripped and fell on his right ear. didnt do any damage, but it just hurts like heck, ya know? then later at almost the end of practice (and I thought I'd make it through w/o big excitement), G decides he's going to bounce up the first bleacher step, but misses and instead, plants his face into the 2nd bleacher seat. he busted his nose completely when he did it. by the time he got to me (right behind me about two steps) both sides were gushing down his face.  :-( I grabbed a baby wipe to cover it and apply pressure and in just a minute it was totally bloody. yuck. the 2nd wipe lasted longer and it'd stopped bleeding by the time I'd packed everything up and got to the van. daddy was there waiting for us to get done, so he looked at it for me to make sure nothing was broken. he also knocked his top left tooth more loose (he'd already been complaining of it the past couple weeks) so likely it'll be coming out soon.
as of bedtime I didnt notice any outside bruising, but of course his inner nasal chambers are swelled from the blow and its tender. he asked me to put a bandaid on his nostrils.
poor little guy. if its gonna be big bleeding, its usually him that does it.

we went to captain ds after that and after getting home and catching the last 15 minutes of survivor, dh headed to bed and me and the kids watched TMNT. cute movie, Gavin asked if we could keep it.

Garrett got to go outside today and he was very happy about that. I didnt let him out yesterday cause of his low fever when waking and wanting to make sure he was all better before he got out and played in the water. he was NOT happy yesterday seeing everyone else go out but him.

tomorrow being friday I think I'll try to hit a yard sale I seen in the paper. they're to have a bunch of baby stuff, including stuff and clothes. might see if I can find items I'll need if its at a good price. there wont be hardly any yard sales come march/april next year yet and I likely wont feel like hitting a lot anyway. it'll be worth taking a look at least. :-)

I thought my m/s might have been leaving, but I think its just downgrading some.  last night it hit in the evening and today its been hovering a little through the day. nothing as bad as it was weeks prior, but still there.
I'm also just as hungry as ever. joy. I'm hungry again now dang it and its bed time. just what I need to go to bed on. :P
also, my sense of smell has increased as the m/s decreased. guess that's a good thing though (considering the heightened sense of smell w/ the m/s could be doubly worse). course it makes me want to scrub the whole house cause everything seems to stink.
my motivation to clean comes back when? LOL!!

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