Saturday, September 15, 2007

stupid things people say

when I walked in the grocery store (with only 4 kids cause our oldest is at Holiday World) the checker looked at me and asked 'hon, are you pg again?' I smiled happily and said yes, then went on my business cause I've heard this womans comments just about having 5 kids and I want to fry her! so then she starts talking to the bag guy, going on about 'I could NEVER have all those kids....' and I'm out of earshot by then.
when checking out, unfortunately she was the only one checking (of course) so I had to go through her line. a couple of times during check out, she'd look back at my kids (who were checking all the gumball/toy machines LOL) and turn back going "sigh" really big.
*grrrr!!!* my kids were doing nothing bad, not even being noisy (until they found an unclaimed bouncy ball in a machine and came to tell me of their treasure). its like she has a disgust for kids or something! argh!!! and her fav expression (no matter HOW many times she asks if "all those kids are yours (mine)") is "OH LORD JESUS!". I think next time I'll happily mention that "yeah, he's one that blessed me!"


Anonymous said...

I just love your comeback!! It's perfect!

Jaime said...

I just came across your blog ;) You're far more pleasant than myself, I'd have probably told her "it's a good thing that I have them and you don't then, right?" or something to that degree.

I get comments often with 4 so I can understand how the comments feel but at the end of the day when you're surrounded by your family, that is all that matters.

Congrats on your pregnancy!