Wednesday, September 12, 2007

also been reading through some of my journal with Garrett. I had a ton
of bloating problems with him, no matter what I ate. glad that's not the
problem this time. I only had nausea during the evenings with him where
with this one its basically all day.

C almost missed the bus today. I woke about 6:30 to pee and noticed the
bedroom light was on, so figured he was getting ready. I laid back down
and about 12 til I woke up again and noticed I didnt hear him about. he
usually sits at my desk and plays on Gaiaonline for a while. so I get up
and go to the room to see him sleeping on the floor! after a quick "what
are you doing?!!!" he shot up and grabbed some clothes to put on. dirty
pants too. ugh! he was out the door in 3 minutes and the bus got here
about 4 minutes later. I'm telling him tonight that he better not let me
catch him sleeping on 'snooze' like that again or his bedtime will be
pushed back to 8:30! (he's supposed to go to bed at 9 now, but tends to
lag around til about 9:30.)

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