Sunday, September 23, 2007

today was good. after church, K went home with a friend and C went home with mamaw. she brought them both home tonight after night service. me, dh and the little ones went to fazolis for lunch and then he let me go to JCP by myself to do some shopping (we didnt have a stroller for G as we were in his vehicle). they're having super sales and I still had $ on my gift card! for $33 I got 3 tank tops for me (for wearing under other things that are otherwise too low cut), 2 polo shirts for C, a shirt for K and 2 polo shirts for the boys. good deal! all the stuff (except for my tanks) will be saved for Christmas. and I still have over $7 left on my GC.

after that came home. they were having a big family free day thing at the airport, but like I said, no stroller for G and it was super hot out today, so we passed. my sis was a helper though and they were giving free groceries, so she said if they had left overs, she was going to get me a box together and bring to me this week!  she said they had M&Ms in the bags! :-)

after getting home, put the presents up and then laid down for a nap. thank you hubby! I was pooped cause I woke at 5:30 and coudlnt get back to sleep til almost 7 (woke up at 7:20 for the day).

been feeling pretty good most of the day, til tonight. I had some ice cream after getting up from my nap and I was worried I was going to be sick from it. :P
feeling better now.

mom is comign in the morning to watch the kids cause I gotta go to town.

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