Sunday, September 16, 2007

had a good day today, so to speak. it was all good around me, but I felt
like crap most of it. so icky feeling and then tired, no good nap and
then more icky feeling. all day long. yuck.
church was good, no big battles with the kids and Hunter didnt get in
big trouble during SS.
we were going to get pizza afterwards, but they were crowded and NO one
was coming up to see how many we had to sit. so we just left cause I
HAD to eat and soon. we went to have chinese which we all filled up
really well on. LOL! I got to have some sweet shrimp sushi among my favs
and G ate 4 sugar biscuits, 5 or so pieces of fried taters, a bite of
chicken and a bite of cheese stick. he's learning how to use a fork. he
cant spear things yet, though he tries, so I just guide his hand to
spear stuff and he feeds himself. he thinks its SO funny. LOL!

after eating, we went to look at movies. I rented TMNT for the kids and
got some free rentals and bought 4 used games (buy 3 get 1 free) for
$15. that's all our blow money for the week. LOL!

then home to rest cause I was pooped. we watched the rest of the
titans/colts ball game and I slept a bit after that. not nearly as much
as I'd liked, but oh well. the bladder called, of course.

gotta go to walmart tomorrow. didnt pick up any dipes on saturday and G
is in need, plus a few other items I need to get there. bleh.

oh, C had a GREAT time at Holiday World! he says he's so glad he went.
he talked about the coasters, water rides and everything all day. his
face is red from wind burn or something too.


Kimmy Jones said...

That Titan's Colt's ball game was a nail biter. I was trying to take a nap but couldn't cause it was so close.

Mama Gina said...

I know! I wish they'd have let the kicker do his thing at the end. he's good enough he might have made it. :)