Monday, December 04, 2006


we had a good night, thank goodness.  put G to bed at 10:30, he slept til about 5:30 then back to bed at 6 and slept til after 8. the kids got up with him then so I snoozed til about 8:30.
he's having fun kicking his symphony gym right now, had him a morning nursing to fill his tummy and I thought he was going to nap, but nope. he woke right up. ah well. :) at least he's a happy baby so far today.

kids are working now. had to get on Katlyn cause she was trying to skimp on some subjects.  she kinda freaked when I said "bring me your books" LOL caught! so she's off doing some more stuff now.
we're setting a goal to have all the books they're currently working in to be completed by the 21st. nothing outstanding over the Christmas break! Git 'r done!!

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