Monday, December 04, 2006


been a pretty good day. C had an attitude today for whatever reason. he finally realized I wasnt playing by bedtime when he was the first to go to bed. (how much does it take?!) he apologized then for 'being a jerk' as he put it. we'll see how tomorrow goes.

they are excited about getting these things done by the 21st at least (well, the part of 'not getting new books out til after the new year' is what they really like! :LOL ) we'll see how they do.

dh made it up to Virginia so far. he's about 3 hours from where he needs to be.

the kids and I played board games tonight. C wanted to play Clue, so we did that about 3 rounds and played UNO a few times. he ended up dropping out of both games at points just cause of being a butt today. course would then get mad when I wouldnt let him back in. booger.

G went to bed at 10 ish tonight. I'm actually kinda worried how tonight will go. he took a long nap this afternoon (about 3 hrs) and then to bed at 10. eep! please sleep little one!

oh, wanted to post about how fuzzy his hair is getting now. its so cute, when its all nice and clean it sticks up all over.  the kids think its just the coolest and cutest!

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